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UK International Personal Shopper Service

Have nothing stop you from purchasing your favourite things by using our UK shopping service. Our UK International personal shoppers devote their time to serving your request on all you want and need in the UK. This shopping service helps you overcome challenging issues such as payment methods, verifications, or country restrictions when buying from a UK store or auction site.

At Global Parcel Forward, we are customer-centric UK reshippers that understand what is required when shopping and shipping for you. We provide a dutiful "shop for me" service that allows you the freedom to do other important things while we make the purchase based on your proposed requests and recommendations. Additionally, you will have no payment restrictions as purchases will be made through us with our EU/UK credit card. How does this work?

  • Tell us about your order

    By completing a request form from your dashboard, you can tell us about your order. Our system allows you to put in your requests' details, including sizes, colors, and quantities from whichever UK retailer you desire. Finally, you provide us with the direct link(s) to your requests, and you're on.

  • Receive a quote

    Once we receive your request, we verify the product details, including descriptions, prices, colors, quantity. We send you a customized quote, which includes the cost of your items, our shopper service/administration fee, any charges for shipping to the free UK parcel forwarding address (your warehouse address), and where possible remove any applicable VAT not relevant to international buyers.

  • Pay for your items

    Complete payment for your items using your credit card. We accept all popular cards from almost all countries.

  • We shop for you

    Once payment is confirmed, our exceptional team of UK International Personal Shoppers will place your orders with retailers and suppliers using our cards and, after that, deliver it to your free UK parcel forwarding address.

Our Warehouse

  • Storage Service

    Once your parcel arrives at your free UK parcel forwarding address, you have the advantage of having your packages within the warehouse for 14 days on our free membership plan. That allows you to explore the opportunity to buy goods from other stores that you can later consolidate for the cheapest package forwarding service you can get. In addition to this, you can access the following services at the warehouse:

  • Return Service

    If you want to return an item that is still in your warehouse for some reason, we are happy to process a return for a fee.

  • Consolidation Service

    Consolidating is the easiest way to save on international shipping. Our shipping experts can consolidate all your items to fit in one conveniently sized package, which dramatically reduces the delivery fee to the cheapest available when you finally want to ship.

  • Package Disposal Service

    If for some reasons or over a while, you no longer want your items, and would not want to incur shipping or extra storage costs, we will notify you of our assumption of the packages to no longer be of need to you, and we will be happy to dispose of them for you.

  • Package Inspection Service

    You can use the service of one of our UK shipping forwarders, who can carefully inspect your packages before they are shipped from the UK, for a fee. This service is particularly important for buyers that want to make sure their purchase is a good deal. If you are buying a car, bidding for machinery, or even planning on buying a wedding dress and want someone to inspect the item before purchase physically, we can also help with that.


UK International Forwarding Service

We will find the cheapest package forwarding service the UK has to offer through our partnership with the best freight forwarders. No matter the size, weight, shape, or the content of the parcels that you wish to forward, we are keen to find you the cheapest parcel forwarding service that is competitive in price.

  • Bulky Items

    Where items are bulky and outside our standard courier shipping parameters, we will, at your request, work with haulers, freight forwarders, sea freight, pallet, and container shipping companies to provide you with the most cost-effective shipping methods and services. You may also have shipping costs next to nothing for a longer transit time.

  • Reduced Cost

    If shipping bulky items like the ones mentioned above, you may also be happy to ship with a longer transit time to reduce costs.

  • Talk to us

    To get the best UK parcel forwarding service and cheapest package forwarding service the UK can offer, register for a membership type that suits you most, to start benefiting from the cheapest and most efficient UK package forwarding service provider.