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All-In-One Cheapest UK Forwarding Service


UK Shopping & Global Delivery: Your Personal Shopper Service

Experience the joy of UK shopping and the convenience of having your items delivered internationally. With Global Parcel Forward, you can effortlessly buy in the UK and then have it shipped to any part of the world, including our special parcel forwarding service to Europe.

Being recognized as one of the best UK parcel forwarders, we simplify the international shopping journey for you. From addressing payment restrictions to navigating regional restrictions, we have the solutions. Get a unique UK address for international shipping and explore a world of shopping possibilities. Discover our process below:

  • Your UK Shopping Wish List

    Simply fill out a request form, specify your preferences like sizes, colors, or quantities from your chosen UK retailer. Link us to your preferred products, and jump-start your UK shopping spree.

  • Receive a Customized Quote

    Once we have your list, our team will provide a comprehensive quote, including the product costs, our service fees, and the cost of shipping to your designated UK address. We're transparent about costs and even work to remove irrelevant VAT charges for our international shoppers.

  • Smooth Checkout Experience

    Proceed to payment using your choice of credit card. We support a broad spectrum of international cards to guarantee a seamless transaction for every customer.

  • Leave the Shopping to Us

    After confirming your payment, our dedicated team takes over. We order, receive, and prepare your items for international delivery. Looking to ship UK products overseas? We ensure it's a breeze.

Experience Premier UK Storage & Shipping Solutions

  • Strategic Storage for International Shopping

    When you buy in the UK and ship internationally, our state-of-the-art warehouse becomes your first stop. Enjoy a 14-day free storage with our membership, giving you ample time to consolidate orders from various UK retailers. Make the most of our parcel storage options, ensuring you get the best UK parcel forwarding experience.

  • Hassle-Free Returns

    If a purchase doesn't meet your expectations or you change your mind, our efficient return service ensures you're never stuck with unwanted items. We process returns for a minimal fee, adding value to your international shopping spree.

  • Optimized Consolidation

    Seeking the most affordable way to ship UK products overseas? Our consolidation service is your solution. Our team expertly packages your purchases into a single parcel, guaranteeing reduced shipping rates.

  • Responsible Package Disposal

    In instances where a package isn't required anymore, our environmentally-conscious disposal service steps in. We ensure items are disposed of responsibly, keeping both your interests and the environment in mind.

  • Thorough Package Inspection

    Want to ensure your products are in perfect condition? Our package inspection service, available for a fee, offers peace of mind. Whether it's luxury goods, machinery bids, or even a wedding dress, our team meticulously examines your purchase. We ensure you receive items that match your expectations, solidifying our reputation as one of the best UK parcel forwarders.


Your Gateway to UK Shopping and Shipping

Experience the convenience to buy in the UK and ship internationally with ease. Our comprehensive solutions cater to every shipping need, ensuring you have the best UK parcel forwarding service available. Whether it's a petite package or a grand cargo, our commitment is to offer a competitive and affordable forwarding solution.

  • Shipping Bulky Goods

    When you have hefty purchases, trust us to handle them. Beyond the conventional couriers, we liaise with trusted haulers, freight forwarders, and even sea freight services. Whether it's palletized items or large containers, our mission is to offer a cost-effective international shipping solution for those who wish to ship UK products overseas.

  • Value-Driven Transit Choices

    Shipping big items need not break the bank. If you're open to a longer transit time, the potential savings are significant. Embrace flexibility and enjoy reduced shipping costs, especially on substantial purchases.

  • Engage With Us

    Join the ranks of satisfied customers who consider us the best UK parcel forwarders. Register for a membership tailored to your needs and unlock unparalleled UK forwarding solutions. With a dedicated UK address for international shipping, your UK shopping experience is elevated.