Store and Ship Large Pallet Items from the UK

Store and ship large pallet items from the UK, or pallet and container storage and Shipping from the UK

We are skilled in helping our customers store and ship large pallet items from the UK to any destination. These can be household furniture, cabinet, car parts, playcentres and climbing frames, spas and saunas, pools and inflatables, commercial equipment, and a lot more.

We use a range of freight and haulage service provider such as Palletways, Palletforce, Pall-Ex or other custom service agreed with our customers. This will be transported from our warehouse facility on a standard or over-sized pallet, or on Euro-pallet.

These pallets which must not contain engines, harzardous or fragile, and must not exceed 1000kg can be delivered to a curbside/kerbside when they arrive at their final destination. The pallets can also be delivered on solid surfaces, which facilitates pump truck operation. It is important for our customers to specify if they will require a tail lift when delivery takes place.

We also provide optional insurance cover for this service, ensuring peace of mind to all our customers.

Our large items shipping options include:

  • Standard Quarter Pallet (up to 250kg)
  • Standard Half Pallet (up to 500kg)
  • Standard Full Pallet (up to 1000kg)
  • Mini Quarter (Up to 150kg)
  • Light (Up to 750kg)
  • Oversized Quarter Pallet (Up to 250kg)
  • Oversized Half Pallet (Up to 500kg)
  • Oversized Full Pallet (Up to 1000kg)
  • Standard euro pallets
  • Custom size pallets
  • Custom large item shipping by road freight, sea freight and air freight
  • 20 foot containers
  • 40 foot containers

Our fees are also very reasonable and will beat quotes received from other competitors who store and ship large pallet items from the UK. Therefore, if you are interested in using any of the above options to store and ship large pallet items from the UK, the procedure is very similar to the one used when you require standard parcels delivered to your free UK warehouse address, which we operate. Simply choose a membership type, and register to get your free UK shipping address, shop any UK retailer, order your goods and have them shipped to your free UK address, we notify you automatically once your parcel is delivered to our warehouse, you choose how to ship your package, and we forward it to your address globally.

When sending large items to our warehouse, remember that it is best to send a message to us using our support page here or emailing: [email protected] You can also chat live with us over here or give us a call on: +44 1902 272004. When you send us this message, ensure that you detail the type of good you are expecting to be delivered to us to store and ship to you from our UK warehouse to your preferred location, so that we can confirm the availability of space, and our willingness to accept the item. You can find other frequently asked questions on: our FAQs page.

We hope you will agree with us that we are your unrivaled partner to store and ship large pallet items from the UK.