UK Personal Shopper Service 
for International Buyers

International buyers and personal shoppers in the UK go hand-in-hand because international buyers often run into some known hiccups that can hinder them from purchasing the items they need. If you’ve ever wondered how to cross the laws that govern the UK and make the purchase that you want, then consider Global Parcel Forward to assist you with our online personal shopper service to make your desires a reality. With the use of our international personal shopper service, you can make purchases on your wish list through us and ship to anywhere in the world.

UK Shopping Service

Avoid Payment Restrictions

When you have trouble with payments, you can use our online Personal Shopper service to save you time and energy spent trying without results. Our international personal shopper service allows the time to do other essential tasks that you can be sure to complete without assistance. Our UK personal shoppers, who are well vast in the UK store landscape, save you time spent on endless online browsing that leaves you often stressed. Our shoppers are well knowledgeable of all major UK online and in-stores market landscapes, so you can be sure that your needs will be met as long as the products are in stock.

Bypass Shipping Restrictions

When you sign up for a FREE UK shipping address with us, you automatically have access to our range of other services that include a UK personal shopper. You can send our team your request on the dashboard and have them make those purchases on your behalf. That gives peace of mind and the surest way to make your purchases shipped when you want. That is because the FREE UK shipping address that you get with us at the moment you become a registered member will allow you to have your purchase deliverable down to the warehouse for storage until you finally want to ship elsewhere.

UK Parcel Delivery
Free UK Shipping Address

Avoid Extra Charges & Language Barrier

When you are from a non-English speaking country, and you are not proficient in English, you may struggle to understand why UK stores do things the way they do them. With our UK personal shopper service, you can also save yourself from the stress of dealing with differences in language and conserve your energy to do other essential things. Our team of international professional shoppers has been providing UK personal shopper service to our customers with loads of years of experience, so each one is keen to see that you avoid extra charges and billings that are unworthy. That is why over five thousand customers that shop, store, and ship parcels from the UK trust us to make their life a convenience.

UK Delivery Address

Our UK online personal shopping service is available to all members. You can make your request as soon as you sign up. A team member from our dedicated staff team will then access and forward and respond to your request. In some cases, we can forward this to our overseas personal shopper team after all needs and specifications have been confirmed, if this is not readily available in the UK.

You can count on us for the most reliable UK personal shopper service that gets the job done. Signup today and start enjoying your time to unwind while we do the hard work for you. You can also chat with us directly by following this link or ring us during our office hours at +44 1902 272004.

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