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According to a report by Pitney Bowes, it is explained that a couple of the top 10 reasons for cross-border cart abandonment are inaccurate duties and taxes. However, you don’t have to go through this anymore with the use of our all-in-suite customer-centric Europe parcel forwarding service.

It is also believed that consumers prefer to purchase products offered with free shipping. Hence, most retailers in Europe even when they offer free shipping, do not offer to ship their products to international destinations. This emphasizes the need for companies who offer their European customers a shipping address for their UK online shopping, and free parcel storage for the purpose of combining multiple packages. This parcel forwarding service to Europe also offered by UK parcel-forwarding companies allows buyers from European countries to use the free UK address provided by these parcel-forwarding companies to schedule returns of their unwanted goods. If the retailer or seller has also included returns shipping label in the parcel, one of the benefits of using UK companies that provide parcel forwarding service to Europe is that they will send the item back to the seller or retailer on behalf of their customers.

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Our team at Global Parcel Forward are professionals that understand that expenses that are beyond the price points of the items you wish to purchase are unfair and unacceptable within a global village world. To curb your costs and allow you to have the joy of buying your needs, we offer cheap parcel forwarding, and packing & shipping from UK to other European countries starting from as low as £24.20.

Aside from the importance of having an inexpensive Europe forwarding service, there are several things that UK stores can't make possible. Our dedicated team can help you leverage the wealth of products in the UK market. When you cannot find products that you want quickly or don't have the time to purchase yourself, our shoppers can give you the ease and convenience to save time and energy to attend to other more important things you have to do.

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While other European parcel forwarding services fail to support customers' successfully, at, one of our core benefits is providing you with a walkthrough on your purchases and delivery to your free UK parcel forwarding address. Below are other advantages that await your shopping and shipping with us.

  • Saves you time
  • Saves you from stress
  • Saves money on shipments
  • Offers access to buy products in the UK

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