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According to a report by Pitney Bowes, it is explained that one of the top 10 reasons for cross-border cart abandonment is inaccurate duties and taxes. However, one of the beauties of European countries, particularly those within the EU countries, shopping between themselves, is the ability to purchase products from a country within the bloc and use the Europe parcel forwarding service offered by third-party companies, if the retailer or seller does not use the parcel forwarding service to Europe option offered on most marketplaces. Needless to say that no customs duties or taxes are applicable for these type of purchases.

It is also believed that consumers prefer to purchase products offered with free shipping. Hence, most retailers in Europe even when they offer free shipping, do not offer to ship their products to international destinations. This emphasizes the importance of companies that offer Europe parcel forwarding service and free parcel storage to their European customers. This parcel forwarding service to Europe also offered by UK parcel forwarding companies allows buyers from European countries to use the address provided by these parcel forwarding companies to schedule returns of their unwanted goods. If the retailer or seller has also included returns shipping label in the parcel, one of the benefits of using companies that provide parcel forwarding service to Europe is that they will send the item back to the seller or retailer on behalf of their customers.

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Using the Europe parcel forwarding service and free parcel storage offered by a third-party company will also help speed up refund on purchases so that the buyer can get on with making another purchase or simply wait till another time. This is a key benefit as consumers expect fast refunds when they are dissatisfied with their purchases. Parcel forwarding services to Europe, especially when originating from the UK is also very cheap when compared to other countries outside of Europe or the EU. This shipping forwarding service is also a key reason why the UK has been a popular destination for shopping across Europe.

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Although it can be argued that with the UK leaving the EU, the chances of having to pay customs duties and taxes on all purchases from the UK will become more likely, it is also important to state that the UK and the EU are working on ensuring that such constraint is reduced if not eliminated when the UK fully exits the EU. Here at Global Parcel Forward, we are the best parcel forwarding company in the UK, and we continuously work hard to ensure that we deliver the best Europe parcel forwarding service and shipping to our European customers. Our Parcel Forwarding service to Europe is the best you can get from the UK. We will make your purchases from any UK store smooth and stress-free, and you can also use us to make purchases directly on your behalf, store them for you, consolidate with other packages into a single shipment to save you the cost of shipping multiple items, and forward them all to you using our Our Parcel Forwarding service to Europe.

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