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Amazon Overstock Vendor Return

So, you have been contacted by FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) about your stock in their warehouse, which they have now tagged as overstock, and marked it for vendor return. They need to send back the overstock items to you the vendor because it has not sold over a period, or it is nearing its expiry date.

Recovering this stock to your own warehouse from Amazon UK could prove a daunting task, especially if you are at an international destination.

Due to the short notice period also given, you must be ready to arrange to have your excess packages out from Amazon and shipped back to you within a twinkle of an eye, especially if you are registered as a UK business on their books.

As earlier stated, this will be a dilemma if your business and warehouse are not physically located in the UK. You obviously wish to still sell your goods in the UK, as you have had to pay a lot to get it there in the first place, and if you want it sent back to you at your international destination, Amazon is not willing to help with this. Surely, you have an agreement in place with them, and they are covered by the terms of the agreement, which clearly explains their right to return overstock items to vendors under certain conditions. They are also not obliged to ship your goods back to you at an international destination because you are registered with them as a UK business.

This is where you need a reliable UK business partner with the relevant expertise and physical resources, which you can call upon for help.

Such business must have a UK warehouse which is staffed during the day, with the capacity to receive your overstock, packages, check them, and be able to provide photographic evidence to the customer if needed and store the packages for an agreed period. Such a business should also be able to ship the item(s) to you at your international destination either as a parcel, on a pallet, or container.

If you still decide to sell this stock in the UK, such business should be flexible enough to help you ship individual parcels to your customer’s address after they have been sold.

Global Parcel Forward can be counted upon by Amazon’s FBA sellers to help receive their excess stocks from Amazon, check each item(s) received and enter the details into our system for our customers to see and manage from any part of the world. We can also store these goods for a long period of time after we have received it for you from Amazon, into our own warehouse. If you decide to ship the item back to yourself at your international destination as either a parcel, on a pallet or in a container, we can also be counted on to provide you with the cheapest and reliable shipping and forwarding quote to your international destination.

Speak to us today by either ringing us on our phone number, +44 1902 272004 or chat with us via this link: https://tawk.to/globalparcelforward.

You can also submit a new support ticket by either sending a message to [email protected], or by contacting us here or via our website here.

We always aim to respond to inquiries within 24 working hours from the time we receive it.

We look forward to hearing from you today, the sellers using Amazon’s FBA.