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It used to be difficult to get free parcel storage in the UK, or to shop in the UK from abroad.  Many of the retailers here either didn’t ship internationally or if they did, they didn’t ship without the buyer having to pay large international shipping rates. Some buyers also wanted the convenience of having free storage for their parcels in the UK and get assistance with consolidating numerous parcels into one before requesting for it to be sent to them, to reduce their shipping costs. There was also the problem of the buyer not having a payment method that was accepted by the retailer. As most International shipping companies were unable to offer this, it was nearly impossible to shop in the UK. One UK worldwide shipping company that provides free parcel storage in the UK is GlobalParcelForward.com. Using a company like GlobalParcelForward.com that specializes in providing free storage in the UK has totally changed the way you can shop online. That is a beautiful thing.  We will provide you with free parcel storage in the UK where you can have things shipped, picked up, repackaged if necessary and then shipped directly to you wherever you may be.  Our international shipping cost is also the cheapest in the market, as we have partnered with the top courier companies, that provide international shipping at competitive prices, thanks to the volume of the parcels we send through them weekly.

It may be days, weeks or months before you need your packages, and there is no reason we can’t give you the kind of free storage that you are looking for.  After all, we are the best International shipping company that provides free parcel storage in the UK, and pleasing our customers is our goal. We are constantly expanding our expertise and services and we now offer personal shopping features that will take all of the hassles out of shopping, paying for, and shipping your goods.  How does it work?

Let’s be honest, it’s no secret that there are products and items in the U.K. that people from other parts of the world want to purchase.  So many fantastic items are coming out of the UK that just hasn’t quite made it abroad yet, and we don’t think you should be denied the right to purchase the items you want just because you don’t live in the UK or have a payment method that is accepted by the retailer. That is why we offer free parcel storage for our customers and help with paying for these items.  Even if you can manage the purchasing part with a correct payment method, it can be extremely costly to have to pay for international shipping, if the retailer even offers it.  That’s where having a good UK worldwide shipping company like GlobalParcelForward.com comes in.   There is simply a better way to buy, pack and ship your favorite items and products from the UK. We are indeed the best international shipping company that offers parcel storage in the UK.  You don’t have to miss out on the latest sales, discounts or coupons anymore.  You can shop easily and have all your goods sent to one place and then shipped directly to your door via our partner carriers.  You can then choose the method and speed of transit based on your needs.

It’s easy, you go on any UK shopping site and decide what you want and how much of it.  Tell us what you want. Then we go onto those websites, order and pay for the goods for you and give them your local free parcel storage address and payment information that is accepted and have them ship us your goods.  Once they arrive, we will consolidate the shipments and you can decide if you want to use the free storage for an extended period, or if you prefer us to ship them to you quickly, easily and efficiently.  You don’t have to worry about any of the shipping, payment issues, or about consolidating many shipments into one parcel. We will do that for you -after all, we are the best UK worldwide shipping company there is, it’s what we do.

We have searched high and low to bring you the very best shipping options and prices available.  Using a good UK worldwide shipping company like ours is going to save you a lot of money in the long run and give you access to all of the retailers that you could never access before because of shipping or payment logistics.  We are also a go-to source for large volume, palletized shipments or for free parcel storage in the UK.  As always, we will always give you up to date information to track your packages at any time, day or night.  We think shopping should be fun and not stressful.  If you are going to ship internationally, then using our services for free parcel storage is certainly the way to go.  GlobalParcelForward.com is your number one UK worldwide shipping company.

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