Where to Return Amazon Parcels in the UK

Amazon Contacts You

So, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) got in contact with you about your stock in their warehouse. They have now tagged it as overstock and marked it for vendor return. That is either because it did not sell over a period of time or is nearing its expiry date. Regardless of the reason, to recover the Amazon overstock to you could prove a daunting task. That is especially true if you reside in a different country.

Due to the short notice, you must be ready to have your Amazon overstock sent back to you as quickly as possible. That is especially true if, during your registration, you identified as a UK business on the Amazon UK platform. If you’ve ever wondered where to return Amazon parcels in the UK. This article is specifically for you.

What You Could Do

Without a presence in the UK or an Amazon pallet return address, this could quickly become a problem. However, rather than find ways to send the Amazon overstock back to your country, you could still sell it in the UK. As you have had to pay a lot of money to get it Amazon UK, you shouldn’t have to incur extra expenses over shipping.

As you may already know, while sending it back to you is an option, Amazon is under no obligation to help with that. And that is right so because of the agreement you have with them. They are covered by the deal’s terms, which clearly explain their right to return overstock items to vendors under certain conditions. The deal is also holding to the fact that your registration with them was as a UK business.

Where to Return Amazon Parcels in the UK

This is why you need a reliable UK business partner with the relevant expertise and physical resources, which you can call upon for help.

Such a business must have a UK warehouse that serves as your Amazon overstock return address. The capacity to receive your amazon overstock,  inspect the items, and store the packages for an agreed period are some of the services that you need.

That business partner should also be able to ship the overstock item(s) to you at your international destination. And also provide you with an economical shipping courier cost.

Also, the providence of selling the Amazon overstock on your behalf within the UK should be available. This essentially saves you from the worries that come with Amazon overstock. When you decide to sell the overstock, such a business should be flexible enough to help you ship individual parcels to your customer’s address after confirmation of payment.

You can count on us at Global Parcel Forward to help store your Amazon overstock and check each item(s). Once we receive the items, we enter the details into our system for you to see and manage from any part of the world. Please speak to us today by either ringing us on +44 1902 272004 or chat with us here. You can also submit a new support ticket by either sending a message to support@globalparcelforward.com or signup with us here.


The Significance of a Free UK Shipping Address for Parcel Forwarding

Why would you need a free UK shipping address? When you buy items from the UK’s most significant stores, it is only fair to think that international shipping will be available. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many stores in the UK. This article will explain the benefits you can leverage with a free UK shipping address.

International Parcel Forwarding

With the use of a free UK shipping address, your ultimate goal of forwarding your parcels becomes more achievable. A freight forwarding service provider can find you a  worthy courier. Such a courier will ship to your destination from their list of partners. Their long-standing relationship with the couriers can help get different rates that consider the expected delivery day and other variables to help you decide.

Consolidation of Parcels Into a Single Shipment

When you plan to buy items from different stores in the UK, you will likely face high international shipping costs. However, with the use of a free UK shipping address, you can easily buy from as many stores in the UK as you want and consolidate your items. That essentially will reduce the shipping cost and relieve you from dealing with the courier.

Affordable Shipping Cost

Many UK stores do not provide international shipping because they do not want to deal with the logistics of shipping and many other variables. However, with a freight forwarding provider, you can expect to get affordable shipping costs and save money. 

Suppose you want to ship internationally from the UK, we can help you alleviate all worries. Learn more about our service at Global Parcel Forward and get yourself a free parcel forwarding address to start shopping in the UK with ease.

Get Free Parcel Storage Facility from the UK

It used to be challenging to get free parcel storage in the UK or shop in the UK as an international buyer. While many UK retailers did not ship internationally, others that did were expensive. Also, UK retailers did not accept foreign credit cards apart from the EU/UK cards. All these made it nearly impossible to shop in the UK.

While these were issues, International Buyers wanted more convenience. To have storage facilities for their packages where they can consolidate into one shipment at a later time became a priority.

Today, some of the UK’s best parcel forwarding reshippers now offer solutions to those concerns. Now, you can get a shipping address in the UK free. All you need to do to have your free UK shipping address is sign up for a membership plan with your UK parcel forwarding service company of choice.


Using a company like Global Parcel Forward specializing in free storage facilities in the UK can allow you to shop online easily. Your shipping address will hold your parcels until you are ready to ship out of the UK.

We provide free parcel storage in the UK. You can also have your items repackaged before forwarding it to you. We have top courier partners that provide international shipping at competitive prices, thanks to the weekly parcel volume we send. Visit Global Parcel Forward today to get the shipping address to shop in the UK.

4 Benefits of Using an International UK Shopper

As an International Buyer, you run a busy schedule that affords you no time to go shopping. Other times, you are free but face issues with your international shopping experience. That can often be frustrating, but have you ever thought about the benefits of using an experienced international shopper instead?

Using an International Personal Shopper in the UK comes with a variety of benefits. We will discuss 5 of those in this article. Here are why you might want to use the service of an international shopper.

Saves You the Trouble of Non-Acceptance of Foreign Currencies

Through an international personal shopper’s help, you will be one step closer to purchasing your favourite items. They will make payments on your behalf with their cards in the UK. As a customer, it relieves you of stress and has it done for you without lifting a finger. All you need to do is tell what you want and other variables that apply to the item. Once you have sent your wishlist details and they will happily do the shopping for you.

Saves You Time to Achieve More Important Things

From your job and personal life, there is only so much you can do within a day. With a personal shopper service, you can consider this as a way of delegating your workload. This frees up your time to use it for other rewarding activities such as spending more time with your family or focusing on your work at the office.

An international shopper will make all of these a reality for you with such a service. It is also beneficial for businesses that want to serve their customers without worrying about getting more products into their inventories. Even as a one-person business, you will have the time to focus on serving your customers with this service. At the same time, your international shoppers help you make sure that your inventory never runs out of stock on your watch.

Avoid Extra Charge Billings and Language Barrier

By enlisting an international shopper’s service, you will avoid unknown extra charges when shopping internationally. As an experienced personal shopper, he or she knows all the significant stores in the UK. He or she makes an informed decision towards cutting extra charges while getting you what you need.

Also, you can avoid possible challenges with the use of English. If you are not proficient in English, a personal shopper can help you avoid the troubles.

FREE Shipping Address

When you become a parcel forwarding service member, you can get the assistance of an International Personal Shopper. You get to have a shipping address that serves to receive your goods before processing the parcel forwarding at an economical price point.


If you need a UK shopping partner to ship parcels worldwide or help with your UK shopping, look no further. We are your premier UK shopping partner and parcel forward company. We can take care of all your personal shopping needs.

Reach us on +44 1 902 272004, or you can chat with us here

UK Best Selling Online Products That Frequents Our Warehouse

Over the years, we have seen many parcels come and go at our warehouse; we thought to compile a list of the best selling products that frequent at our warehouse for you. Take a rare peek into our warehouse and see firsthand some of the UK’s most purchased products that may also interest you. Suppose you are also new to international shopping in the UK. In that case, this should give you some insider’s look into the products that have become very popular within the last two years.


Phone Accessories

The delivery of phone accessories has tripled with the last two years at our warehouse. Before then, it was a measly selection of phone accessories but not anymore. Now we get a truckload of phone accessories package. Their content includes phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, earphones, and phone grips; you name it. The selection is endless.


Women want to look their best under any dress. It is a popular trend in these last few years. Our warehouse has seen a lot of this shapewear lately than we can count. Whether it is shapewear that gives the perfect hourglass shape or the one made for the gym, there is plenty of options available in UK stores.

Athletic Products

Fitness has become a global trend that encourages everyone to workout and keep fit. With that purpose at heart, we receive dozens of these items per day from our current members. Whether you need a new yoga mat, a crystal-infused water bottle, or a new pair of slimming yoga pants, you can always find at the UK stores. 


What did we do before the days of being able to have technology straight to our wrists? Everyone wants a piece of these smart devices, and that’s understandable. Asides from the fact that they do have a fashion feel, they can help you live a healthier lifestyle. You can track your steps, heartbeat, or navigate to the local coffee shop. The possibilities are increasing by every new patch of update. These are wildly popular right now, and if you don’t have one or haven’t tried one, you should get one.

Indoor Herb Planting Accessories

People have grown more conscious of what they consume. That is one of the driving forces behind the popularity of indoor herb accessories. Nothing helps bring a little bit of nature indoors like being able to grow your herbs inside. You can go pretty low tech with just a basic set up, high tech with devices that will water your plants for you, or even come with little fish to fertilize your soil. Either way, these are small yet significant ecosystems that are fun to grow. They give you peace of mind because you are sure of its origin. The UK has some of the best herb planting accessories, which can be shipped right to your door once you purchase them.

Essential Oils

These fantastic little oils can do wonders for so many different conditions or ailments. And that’s because we’ve also taken an interest in their essential benefits. These oils can anxiety relief, calm your nerves, help you sleep, relieve headaches, and other gazillion uses for these oils. You can put them directly on your skin or in a diffuser. If you haven’t researched the many uses for essential oils, then you are missing out. They are brought in and out of our warehouse every single day.

Pet Accessories

We all love our pets. We have had more time to stay at home with our pet during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the trend to pimp up the pets haven’t slowed down. You can also choose from accessories and treats from the UK stores and have it shipped to you.

Fandom Themed Apparel and Accessories

Whatever you fancy, from movies to sports, and everything else, you’ll find in the UK. Whether you are hot for Star Wars, Marvel comics, or some other film trilogy, now you can shop until your little heart’s content for all your favorite stuff.

All of these items are some of the top-selling products that frequent our warehouse within the last two years. You can be sure to find them all at various stores in the UK. Our team at Global Parcel Forward can help you make shipping arrangements once you buy and move them to our warehouse. Learn how we open the gateway to UK international shopping and shipping today.

Palletized Goods for International Shoppers in the UK

To buy, store, and ship palletized goods from the UK have never been more comfortable. With UK international shipping service, you can get all you want and need. Palletized freight is an excellent option for customers with heavy or oversized parcels. If you wish to know how this solution works for international buyers, keep reading.


Many international forwarding services in the UK have partnerships with the world’s best carriers to provide palletized goods delivery for international buyers. For us at Global Parcel Forward, we aim to serve you with particular attention to your personal needs. We focus on equipping you with the best and lowest pallet shipping quote available for your international shipping needs. We understand that finding you the best pallet shipping rates helps you save money and resources.


When you ship or send pallets, you want to know that it will reach its destination damage-free and at the appropriate delivery date. We offer the UK’s best international shipping service and offer flat rate pallet shipping for global shoppers. Our team specializes in palletized goods and can help you develop a perfect customizable plan for your needs. If you plan on shipping more than 15 boxes, palletizing these goods will help you get a pallet freight quote that is pocket-friendly. That way, by combining all your orders into one and keeping your shipment together, all pieces won’t face misplacement or loss in the mail.


Here at Global Parcel Forward, we love to help our international shoppers with our UK’s shipping service. We receive and pack their pallets before forwarding it to them at their international destination. When loading a pallet, there are many things to be aware of to ensure the pallet reaches its destination without damage.


These are the extra precautions that we take at Global Parcel Forward to ensure each pallet is safe and secure:


  • We choose the right pallet either as a wood or a plastic skid.
  • We also see that the pallets are stackable for transit (Please, note when using our shipping service that all non-stackable pallets may incur an extra charge from the carrier).
  • Pack and prepare your palletized packing. We make sure the boxes are all bound with the right materials and secure.
  • Ensure that they are put together carefully on the pallet with the largest at the bottom.
  • Wrap the entire pallet tightly with shrink-wrap.
  • Use a good quality nylon strap, ensuring that your boxes are in place and secure at the bottom.


We use these same steps for our shipping service and all storage for international shoppers. With GlobalParcelForward.com, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your palletized UK goods are safe and secure. We have state-of-the-art and temperature-controlled warehouses for all relevant storage of goods for our international shoppers.


We are in the business of helping you make things easier and less stressful, and we love what we do. If you need excellent international shipping service from the UK or store your palletized UK goods, register here to start with international pallet shipping.